Friday, August 14, 2009

Physics Game

On the Fridays of our Control Technology lesson, we were making games to play with on the Physics activity. Our goal was to create a game which we were able to play and have fun with.

The aim of the game is to draw a ball at the top of the screen and then hope it drops into one of goals at the bottom. There are three goals and each are worth either one, two or three points.

The sticks and triangles in the middle of the screenshot are obstacles which rotate and spin to toss the ball around the screen.

The game depends on luck and you can't control your ball. It is cool to see the ball get tossed around by the spinning obstacles.

The people who worked in this group to develop this game are: asian-bruce-lee, control-tech-sama and bongbong123.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Joel Stanley Guest Speaker

During our control technology lesson on Wednesday, the 5th of August, Joel Stanley came into our class as a guest. We had to ask questions and he replied them for us about what he does and who he is.

The questions which we asked and he answered are listed below.

Q. What do you do?

A. I study at the University of Adelaide, Computing Systems Engineering.

Q. What made you study it?

A. I was at a year 10 camp where we explored the University and the I was interested in the engineering.

Q. How did you learn to type?

A. I started of learning to touch type with MSN.

Q. What is your project?

A. Making XO’s. XO’s can last up to 65 degrees

Q. How long did you work on this for?

A. I worked on it for 10 weeks.

Q. What does MIT stand for?

A. MIT = Massachusetts Institute Technology. It is where internet and pc’s come from, and Guitar Hero also was developed there.

Q. Are you a Linux fan or Microsoft?

A. Linux

Q. Why?

A. It is a free open source software

Q. Why is there another arrow?

A. Arrow is pointing to Romania; they were going to get the XO’s

Q. What happened to the XO on the screen?

A. The XO came back from a trial. XO’s are hard and you can drop it any where but not too high.

Electric Engineering is a job where it's related to the hardware of electronics.

Q. What do you do at your work?

A. I check how much power usage the XO was using for every part.

Q. What part uses the most power?

A. The display uses a large amount of power. CPU is the next part that uses a lot of power.

Every 1 in 1000 XO’s are checked when they are sent out.

A person named Mary Lou invented the screen for the XO. Richard Smith worked on the hardware and low level parts.

Q. What are the two flip flops on the side of the XO for?

A. The two flip flops on each side of the screen are antennas.

Q. What are the coloured arrows representing on the map?

A. Green arrows potential trial sights. Purple and red are trial sights. Map is a year old and it shows where the XO’s are going to be deployed.

Q. How long did you stay in America?

A. I stayed in America for three months. It is a very fun job and also fun to meet with very smart people.

There is a Google project which gets university students to work on open source programs for three months.

In America, rich people can buy 2 laptops. One for you and other one goes to someone around the world.

LPC => NGO => Non-Government Organisation

XO has three touch pads. One for your fingers and the whole thing for objects. The pads failed, so the newer versions of the XO only have one touch pad.

This is a picture of Joel's workstation.