Friday, August 14, 2009

Physics Game

On the Fridays of our Control Technology lesson, we were making games to play with on the Physics activity. Our goal was to create a game which we were able to play and have fun with.

The aim of the game is to draw a ball at the top of the screen and then hope it drops into one of goals at the bottom. There are three goals and each are worth either one, two or three points.

The sticks and triangles in the middle of the screenshot are obstacles which rotate and spin to toss the ball around the screen.

The game depends on luck and you can't control your ball. It is cool to see the ball get tossed around by the spinning obstacles.

The people who worked in this group to develop this game are: asian-bruce-lee, control-tech-sama and bongbong123.


  1. I like your game idea. I do a lot of Flash programming and will try to replicate it. I wonder if it could be done in Scratch?

  2. Would be really laggy on Scratch, I think?