Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turtle Art

During a few weeks of our Control technology lessons, we have been making shapes on an activity called Turtle Art. This activity has many features to create different shapes in many different sizes.

Here is an example of a shape which I created.

While creating this shape, I was inspired by it because it looked easy. The problem I had with this shape was changing the variables to make them the correct size. I had to play around with the numbers until I got the right size for the lines.

There are three main lines in this shape. Once I figured out the three lines, I repeated it 3 times and then it gave me the result of this shape.

I didn't have any help from anyone and I completed this shape by myself. I only needed to correct my problem as my teacher pointed out an error which I had made with changing the variables to create the lines.

Here is the script of my shape.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Physics 2

During some of our control technology lessons, I have been working on a Physics activity.

I created a human figure that moved based on the circles around it.

Here is the screenshot of my human figure.

The figure moves by having the big four balls around it rotating. the big balls then rotate the small balls around them. The figure is attached to the four balls and it's leg and arms move. The head is pinned down so that it won't move.

The figure moves it's arms and legs randomly.

This was the best thing that I have created on Physics so far and I hope to learn more in the near future.

Sugar Icon

During our control technology lessons, we have been learning how to hack Sugar. One of the things we learnt to do is to change the icon of the Sugar.

Here is a screenshot of my icon.
Changing the icon involves using the html-kit or notepad. You have to first draw it on graph paper and then plot the coordinates.

After finishing my icon, I had a lot of trouble replacing it onto the Sugar icon because I mispelt the word ' color ' and named it ' colour ' instead. The Sugar recognises the American words and thought the colour as an error.

This made me stress a lot because I could never get it working. After our teacher took it home and tried it himself, he worked out that I had mispelt the word color.
Here is a screenshot of my Sugar homepage with my icon and all the activities around it.