Monday, November 2, 2009

Etoys activity

During our control technology lessons, we had to use the activity called Etoys to create animations. We had lots of activities involving moving cars and having them moving by them selves.

Here is a screen shot of one of my activities I had created which was called ' The Great Race '.

Here are the scripts for my cars and all the other objects involved in this activity.

This activity works by having the cars move along their own tracks. The cars are moving at random speeds which would make the race fair. The closer the car is to the middle, the lower it's speed would be because it has a less distance to travel.

The cars would travel straight along the road until the tip of the car hits one of the other colours on the track.

My cars have a round circle on the tip of them so that when the tip touches the other roads, it would turn back to it's own road.

I also have a timer on the activity. The timer shows how long a car takes to finish and win the race. Once the car finishes the race at the grey line, then the clock would stop and show the time the car took to finish.

I created a start, stop and restart button for easy use for my race. It's much easier to stop and reset the cars into their own positions, then moving them one by one.

The problems which I had in this activity was creating the track. I had to create a track big enough for the cars to fit on and drive around. This problem took me quite a while to solve because I couldn't get the right size for the cars. In the end, I ended up using a basic shape tool to create a simple track.

I also had trouble on my start button, but my teacher helped me solve it. The problem I had with it was because I didn't change the button to activate when I clicked it.

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