Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sugar Evaluation Part One


Guest speakers: Rosemary about Timor Leste 4/5
Guest speaker: Joel about the xo 5/5
Physics 3/5
SVG icon and Linux command line 3.5/5
Turtle Art 5/5
Other activity evaluation 3/5
Etoys 3/5
Scratch 5/5


Three things I learnt this semester

During my experience with Sugar, I’ve learnt how to use the Linux command line. I wouldn’t have known how use all the shortcuts such as change directory, delete, copy and other commands. Another useful function that I discovered while using Sugar is how to use the Journal. The journal keeps all the records of what activities we do on Sugar. I learnt how to rename, open and copy everything in the Journal. The final thing I learnt is how to use coordinates to create a picture for the Sugar logo. I learnt how to use the x and y coordinates to draw the points of the picture and use different shapes to draw them.

Three things I enjoyed this semester

An activity which I enjoyed most within Sugar was Turtle Art. Turtle Art was very fun because it was very easy for me to manipulate the scripts and make the turtle create a variety of different shapes. Another activity which I enjoyed within Sugar is Etoys. Etoys was fun because it was very hard and made me think a lot. It was very stressful but in the end I completed the tasks. The final activity that I enjoyed with Sugar was creating my own Sugar logo. Thinking of a picture and creating it was the fun part. Plotting all the points and coordinates was very boring because I was seeing numbers everywhere and it was very confusing.

Three things I disliked this semester

While working with Sugar, I didn’t like listening to the guest speakers because it was very long and boring. I didn’t want to take notes because I had to keep listening and typing notes. I also didn’t like using physics because it was very boring and there wasn’t anything new involved in it. I was very bored while working with physics because there weren’t many activities that I could do with it. The final thing that I disliked was writing blogs about everything we did. It was tough thinking of different ideas to write about and making the blogs sound good.


The best thing that we have done this semester was playing with the activities inside of the Sugar operating system. There are many activities which you can play with and enjoy. You can download the activities from a sugar site and they’re completely free.

The worst thing we did this semester was playing with Etoys. Etoys was very confusing because the scripts were differently named from the Scratch scripts. It was confusing to do the difficult activities with Etoys because the scripts were differently named and it was hard to locate the correct scripts to use for the activities. But in the end, I completed all the tasks after a long search for the scripts.

The most interesting thing that we did this semester was playing with Turtle Art. Turtle Art was interesting because we had to create a shape using scripts. We had to use the scripts to move the turtle in different directions at different distances. It was very mathematical and we had to use our brain.

The most difficult activity we did this semester was re-doing all out scratch challenges. Even though scratch has easy scripts to read and use, it was still hard to create different challenges we were told to do. The challenges were very hard and we had to think a lot to create them with scripts.


I think the XO or OLPC is a good idea to be sent out to children because it has many features for children to use and learn from. The Sugar operating system has many functions and there are many simple activities already on the system for the children. The activities are also very simple and have easy to use tools. There are some difficult activities to use but the children would eventually know how to use it after they’ve played with it for a while.

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