Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sugar Evaluation Part Two

Windows (WIMP – windows, icons, menus, pointers – as in MSOffice 2003)

Windows (ribbons, contextual tabs, galleries – as in MSOffice 2007)

Sugar (Frame replaces menubar, Journal replaces file system hierarchy, Community – didn’t work for us,)

Linux command line (similar to DOS)

I would prefer the windows interface for microsoft 2007 because it has a nice layout and the tools are set out according to what people want to do with their activity. The tools are under many categories in the ribbon and they are easy to see and choose from.

Secondly I would prefer the w.i.m.p interface because it's tools are under categories of the menus. I prefered this interface because it's very basic and I was used to it before the windows 2007 interface was released.

Thirdly, I would prefer Sugar interface because it's very simple and the layout is easy to search through. You can set activities to show at the home page and you also have a journal which keeps your history of whatever you do while you're logged on.

Lastly I would choose the Linux Command Line because I don't use it much and don't know much about it. I only used it a few times at school but never used it a lot at home.

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