Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tux Paint Activity

During our control technology lesson on Wednesday, we had to play around with a lot of activities on Sugar and make a blog from one of them. The activity I played around with was called the Tux Paint.

Here is a screen shot of my activity.

Rating: 4/5

Tux Paint is a very good painting activity because it has a lot of brush presets and it also has the erase button, which the other paint program didn’t have. This program has a stamp tool which you can use to stamp down some preset pictures of animals and other objects. The brush tool has many presets and you can draw lines with many shapes and pictures.

This program also has the undo button, which is very useful for mistakes. Unlike the other paint activity, this activity has many useful features for the people who love drawing.

I would recommend this activity to people of 10 years and over because it’s a bit complex with all the tools. There are many different simple features for the people to give them what they need to draw.

The good points about this activity are that it has a lot of simple and easy features for everyone to use. The activity also has a good layout for the tools. It’s correctly sorted and easy for people to search and use. The activity also has a variety of colours for the users to choose from.

The bad points about this activity are that even though it has a variety of colours, you still can’t choose different colours between normal colours. You have certain colours which the activity already has but you may want other different colours in between them, such as a light red colour instead of a normal red.

The interesting features of this activity that I had discovered were the tools that it consists of. I tried the stamp tool, which had many different pictures that I could have put onto my drawings. I was trying to put many pictures such as animals and create a cool looking picture out of them. The only thing I couldn’t do properly with the pictures is rotate them.

You can’t really learn anything from this activity because all you’re doing is using your own knowledge to draw the pictures you want. The things that you could learn from this activity is learning how to use brushes differently and applying other tools to create a work of art.

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  1. Quite comprehensive
    It would have been better if your screenshot had shown a painting that you had done